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Create A Routine

It is important that during the Covid 19 pandemic as we take up our social isolating and cocooning behaviours that we maintain a healthy routine. A routine assists us to focus on what we can do rather than what we cannot do and it helps us to stay physically and...

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The Power of Gratitude

Something we all seem to have in common is that we want to be happy and we want to live our lives with more joy, ease and contentment. A simple way to achieve this is through the power of Gratitude. Research proves the beneficial power of gratefulness and how this...

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Creating a Calming Jar (for adults & children)

Calming Jar It is a glittery visual resource that can be used as a distracting meditative technique for children and adults. Equipment needed: Small jar or bottle, water, glitter glue & dry glitter. Instructions: In a small jar or bottle, mix a tablespoon of...

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Declutter Your Workspace

Do you have an untidy workspace? Have you ever thought about how this can negatively impact on your productivity and mood? It is not uncommon for people’s workspace to become disorganised however for some people it can become chaotic and maybe even unhygienic....

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Have you considered a detox from your mobile phone?

Have you ever thought about your relationship with your mobile phone? Every time it rings, a beep of a text, a ding of another email, how do you react to your mobile phone? Detoxing is usually associated with food, alcohol and even caffeine but what about detoxing...

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Irish Weather & Our Mood

As a nation we are obsessed with the weather. It is more than often the starting point for conversations no matter whom we are talking to. Yet do we take time to reflect on how the weather impacts on us?

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Skillful Communication in the Workplace

It is important that skillful communication is made a priority in the workplace whether it is a small family run business or a large corporate organisation. Effective communication in the workplace is sometimes overlooked or taken for granted which can lead to a demoralized workforce and decreased productivity.

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North East Kerry Development and Smart Psychology

North East Kerry Development ( invited Smart Psychology for their first event outside of Cork. We were invited to deliver our Taster Talk ‘Outsmart Stress & Anxiety’ on the 24th of September in Meadowlands hotel, Tralee.

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Important to have a routine



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