Think Smarter; Work Smarter

Every single action, thought or feeling is controlled by the brain; understanding and unraveling the mechanics of how we function can lead to happier and psychologically healthier staff while improving productivity and general morale within the company. Smart Psychology offers a fresh approach to guiding organisations in meeting their responsibilities in supporting their workforce. We offer workshops that can assist your employees in understanding their work and life challenges, enabling them to enhance their effectiveness through prevention, identification and resolution of personal and productivity issues. We provide organisations and workplaces a wide range of  workshops to deal with stress management and interpersonal difficulties only using evidence-based research and approaches, so that you can be assured that your workforce receives the most up-to-date and reliable information and training. If you think that your workforce could benefit from skills training that could improve their stress management and well-being Smart Psychology is the service for you.


Voluntary & Community Sector

Think Smarter; Support Smarter

Smart Psychology offers a range of Smart Services to organisations and workplaces within the Community & Voluntary Sector, including Taster Talks and Skills Workshops. Smart Psychology offers a fresh approach to supporting organisations who wish to provide talks and workshops to service users within the voluntary and community sector with an emphasis on self care, improved well-being and stress management. We use an engaging approach and can adapt our workshops to meet the needs of the acquired audience.

Smart Psychology is aware that every workplace and organisation is unique. Therefore, we can tailor a range of Smart Services to suit your uniqueness and needs.

Taster Talks are brief lectures that can be tailored to meet the needs of your workplace. They can be given at any stage during the day. They are time-conscious opportunities to give your employees an insight into the smart, practical approach we offer to demystify people’s thoughts, actions and feelings, and to learn more about what makes them tick.   Taster Talks are 1 to 2 hour lectures.

Our Skills Workshops will teach your employees or service users the practical skills needed to harness and manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, helping them to tap into their own resilience and to make smarter choices both inside and outside of the workplace and organisation. Please contact us to discuss how Smart Psychology can tailor workshops to meet the needs of your organisation. Workshops are full-day or half-day and provide a greater level of intervention than that of Taster Talks.

Examples of Taster Talks or Skills Workshops Available:-

  • Outsmart Stress & Anxiety
  • Mindfulness & Self-Care
  • Smarter Sleeping
  • Food for Thought: Outsmart Emotional Eating
  • OutSmart Fear & Self-Doubt when returning to work





Feedback from participants who have attended our Taster Talks & Skills Workshops

“Mindful part, it was very relative my headache even went”

“It was a lovely workshop very helpful would love to have one once a month”

“Very friendly atmosphere, Marianne is lovely and authentic, really enjoyed it”

“Delivered in a comprehensive manner… time out for me to check in with myself”

“Found it very helpful and relevant at this point”

“Learnt to take the positives from life, take everyday as it comes”

“The workshop was very good for reminding me of the need to be mindful on a regular basis and not just as a reaction to situations”

“Really enjoyed course, trainers were excellent”

“Helpful to know that I am not alone that others are feeling the same way”

“Very helpful, great delivery”

“The whole thing was very helpful, I thought it was very well run”

“Well delivered, informative presentation was interesting & invigorating”

“The presentation was beneficial in all ways, you made my day much brighter”

“Excellent presentation by both speakers”

“I found it helpful to learn  that stress can be good & how to balance the good & bad stress”

“Learnt the need to be more mindful to the good things in my life”

“I really lost myself while doing the progressive muscular relaxation in such a good way! It was a great release”

“Very down to earth, makes change seem easy”


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