Welcome to Smart Psychology

Currently only providing online Psychological Therapy via Zoom.

Think Smarter; Live Smarter.

Smart Psychology offers a fresh, energetic and practical approach to help people make sense of how they think, how they feel and what they do. Our ethos is about understanding and teaching practical skills to help people think smarter; live smarter.

Life can be like a puzzle, sometimes it’s difficult to find the solutions. We deliver One-to-One Psychological Therapy as well as Taster Talks & Workshops for a variety of different workplaces and organisations. Whether we are delivering a group or working on a one to one basis we aim to help you tap into your resilience and strengths, explore a new way of thinking and expressing yourself and find a smarter way of overcoming the challenges in your life.

Smart Psychology assists people to develop skills to…

  • Overcome difficult life events such as relationship difficulties, loss and bereavement, work and/or family stress, life changes and transitions
  • Outsmart your stress and anxiety
  • Overcome feelings of depression
  • Conquer panic attacks
  • Move on from traumatic events
  • Develop strategies to promote smarter sleeping
  • Outsmart emotional eating
  • Make smarter choices
  • Become more productive
  • Feel happier & more confident

If you or your organisation is interested in a Think Smarter; Live Smarter approach to overcoming challenges we would love to hear from you. Contact Us