• Make your bedroom a pleasant place
  • Remove all technology from your bedroom
  • Use dim lighting in the evening and bright light in the morning
  • Make sure you are not too hot or too cold
  • Do not drink caffeinated drinks such as tea or coffee after 6pm
  • Avoid regular consumption of alcohol
  • Exercise daily e.g. a brisk walk
  • Try to avoid naps longer than 30 minutes, especially after 4pm
  • Have a regular, relaxing bed time routine
  • Do a breathing exercise at night
  • When in bed think of nice things
  • Try to wake up the same time everyday even if you are tired

Remember your bed is for sleeping, not for worrying so if you are unable to sleep after 30 minutes get up and have a glass of water or read a magazine. Only return to bed when you feel more relaxed.

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