With the evenings getting longer and the weather improving it is a good time to make positive and healthy lifestyle changes. Here are some tips to follow when you are planning to make a lifestyle change such as giving up cigarettes, getting fitter or loosing weight.

  • Be specific about your lifestyle goal
  • Accept that there are certain things you cannot change about yourself.
  • Write down how you are going to achieve your goal step by step including supports that you need
  • Write down any obstacles that could stop you from achieving your goal and how you are going to overcome them
  • Once you have your plan in place pick a day you are going to start
  • It is normal for people to get a buzz around a new change however we can all go back to old habits. If you do go back to your old ways just pick yourself back up and get going again.
  • If you are struggling seek professional guidance
  • ┬áJust remember you can do it a positive attitude is half the battle